About Jill

Jill Portrail
Thanks for stopping by!  We value you as reader!
I live a little different around here.  I have learned to live intentional and frugal.  I like to study and educate myself before making any decision of importance. I value decisions made in a more holistic approach. I have learned a great deal during my days of parenting.  I like to share the side of motherhood.
Motherhood is the hardest job you will ever enjoy as the old adage says. I want to help you learn to live with purpose and be intentional.  You can do that on a budget. You can make great decisions that will leave your life a legacy and you will have a great impact on the next generation through your kids and other kids you influence.
About Jill:
I am a Christian mommy to two wonderful boys. I am a wife to one amazing man.
Things I love to do:
It was kind of crazy how I landed up being a blogger.  I never imagined I would be blogging!
I love living intentionally and helping others out in every practical way.
I remember bringing my first baby home and being clueless of what “motherhood” would be about.  My first child was a preemie.  So that was a whole new lesson in itself!  So far my husband and I have been blessed with two sons.  I have a very supportive computer guy who keeps things running when I “broke” the website somehow, whom I call my husband!
He is the big push of why I am a stay at home mom.  I am the big push of why I am a work at home mom.  My husband believes it is best for the mother to be at home with the children.  He has been able to help in so many ways.  Even through many job changes, he has provided for our basic needs.  When things are tight, we just make do or do with out.  We live comfortably.  We have made it a goal to be there for each other and our children.
Now I never imagined myself as a stay at home mom.  Hence, where the work at home mom came in.  The first three years of being a mother, I was a caregiver in my home for other people besides my children.  We had some situations change and we wanted to have a job where I could move when my husband had to move to a new town.  It was hard to give up my job each time he had a change in his work.
We started brainstorming and came up with making natural health products for others.  I started my soap business.  Currently I sell at a local vender.  I also sell on Etsy     A few months later, I wanted to give back to Moms. I was so encouraged from MOPS being a great program.  I wanted to share advice and help others with the most important job of their life!
Thanks for stopping by.  You are the reason this blog is made.  I put lots of hours in every week to bless you.  Below is an outline of activities I love to do.
  • Doing activities with my husband and boys
  • Saving money and living debt free
  • DIY projects
  • Canning
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Soap making
  • Making my own natural cleaners
  • Upcycling
  • Giving generously to others
  • Guest blogging
  • Learning continously