I did have a great blog going.  And then it happened. We were living in Panama for a while and the technology was not the best to say the least.  Once we even went without internet for about four days.  Also, I would start writing a blog and all of a sudden it would crash five times.  Crazy technology led me to be discouraged as a blogger.

Then my child started acted “badly” a lot. I have been told how horrible of a mom I was. I have been told that I need to get it under control.  I had a child who was so uncontrollable.  I was beyond the point of being embarrassed by his behaviors.  That became an everyday occurrence.  To say that I did not have any answers is an understatement.


Life kept throwing us lemons and we had to move because my husband lost his job and we had to move internationally one more time because we could not find a job near us and we did not have a business going to make income.  This was an extremely hard spot in my life.  On top of this craziness I had been REALLY sick for 7 months.   I am still in the healing stage.


I had told you in March that my son also was bullied.  So we decided to homeschool because being bullied and learning a whole new language at age four.


Yes, this past year was tough.  I was praying things would get better.  When I moved to a new place, I was so happy to meet my first friend Meredith.  One time in my loneliness, she was a great friend and came over to my house.  We were in the kitchen and the next thing I knew was my child pushed her daughter.  I was at a lost for words and was bracing myself for her to either lecture or that she did not want to be my friend.  At this point, I really needed a friend who understood me.

I have to tell you her response was so different than what I was expecting.  She said, “Have you ever heard about the Feingold diet?”

I had not.  So she told me her daughter also had some of the same issues as my son was having.

Well fast forward a month and my child’s behaviors are really down.  Today he got the best student award for the day.  My son who I was praying would just make it through school has completely turned around.  I never knew diet could be this much of an issue.  It is obvious that his body does not do well with artificial preservatives and even some natural things that his body does not adjust well too.  The diet goes over all the foods that are good and those to stay away from.  It is more than just watching the sugar your child eats.


The crazy thing is that my child LOVES to make the choices that are on his diet.  He knows he feels better when he is on this more natural way of living.  He will talk to me often about what is on his diet and what is not and he helps me with grocery shopping so we can find the right foods for him.  Now that we have added a new diet it has added a new lifestyle to us.  So I plan to come back here.  But please give us some time to get back here gradually.   Right now I am focusing on our family and getting us to be amazing once again.



My advice is to look around and talk to others to see if others can help you get through the hard times.  Not all parents are going to be helpful but in your stressed times reaching out to the right one may save your sanity for those hard days.

Remember there is on owner’s manuals for our kids.  We do have to strive to be the best parent but each child can be very different even amongst another sibling.


Look online for alternatives.  So many ideas are on Pinterest, but remember sometimes the solution is something simple.  For us it was a change in diet that had impressive results.  This is not the case for every child but sometimes we overlook the simple things.


Remember trying is half the battle.  You are your child’s advocate and it is the hardest job you will ever love.

They are precious even if you have a few days when they are more precious when they are sleeping.  As a mom we all have challenging days and those are the days when you do need to take a breather and calm down and count your blessings on what you do have and not focus on what is not going right.


I remember struggling one time with potty training and someone told me you know they probably are not going to go to college wearing a diaper.  You will do fine.


be a mom




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