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There is a lot of information out there on essential oils and as a soap maker, I have been using them for quite a while. I have to admit, that I was only using them in my soaps! This year I really started studying them and the benefits of them and I realized that I wanted to use them more in my daily life.

The learning curve is steep! But the benefits are worth it all the way. At first when I had bought $400 dollars worth of essential oils but husband was a little apprehensive. He thought I had spent a lot of money that would take a while to get back.

Now he is the one looking up research online and using carrier oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. We have some containers and we add essential oils and the carrier oil to the affected area. Of course I cannot say they cure, treat or anything like that. I will say we like the results and I am happy to use essential oils in our daily living!

Now I love the feel of natural soap and homemade deodorant. I know it is good for the skin and our family has enjoyed not putting over 36 chemicals on our body every morning.

As a soap maker and avid essential oil user, I wanted to create a product that would create an environment where I could be smelling the essential oils and breathing them in.  Some of them smell so good and are not filled with so many chemicals as candles.


I wanted to show you what I have been working on.  Since I love all natural products, I wanted to present my first product to my favorite readers. If you love essential oils and natural living, please try out our diffuser.  I have had many friends love it already.  One of my friends said she has tried $40 diffusers and mine was a lot better.  We use our diffuser in my children’s room.  I can add some Nighty Night from Plant Therapy or Calming the Child.  We often make our own blends.


There are so many benefits with having moist air in your home.  We use these diffusers all the time.  I worked hard to find a product that I would love and that would work well in homes with children.  We love having a plastic diffuser because having small children and tile floors accidents do happen.  I have tried the beautiful glass diffusers and have had them break. I was not excited to see that happen!


I wanted a product that would solve problems for others. Enjoy learning more about essential oils. I put in a brochure that will help you get started enjoying your new diffuser.  The cool mist humidifier will be leaving your home refreshed.

Tower of Life Diffuser


I would be honored if you were looking to buy a diffuser to look at Tower of Life Diffuser.


Let me tell you about this product.

This Diffuser has 7, yes 7 different LED lights.

It has a 120 ml fill tank.  This is 20 ml more than other common diffusers.

You have a NEW feature of the mist being intermittent.  You do not have to choose between it working all the time or being off.  You now have a third choice.

You can choose your favorite essential oils and add them to water.  You will be ready for a dry and cold winter.  Honestly, I use mine even in the tropics.  I love having essential oils instead of harsh chemicals that a candle puts off.  Speaking of a candle, this diffuser is in the shape of a candle.  This is great for minimalists and it adapts to a lot of different types of decor.


Remember that the cool mist can help with tough coughs and other flu symptoms.  And always consult with your physician if you have any questions. This cool mist humidifier will help you get through the tough cold season.  You can use it with just the cool mist or you can add oils and use it to diffuse the oils in the air.   Enjoy your house smelling better.  Soon you will be noticing a difference in your wellbeing and lifestyle.


Right now it is on sale!  You are going to receive it at ONLY $26.99.  The offer ends August 20th.  So grab it while it is still a great price!  I appreciate you the reader and I am you are having fun getting ready to go back to school soon.




essential oil diffuser

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