It saddens me to write this post as my child who is at question is only four years old.  Who would ever know what to do when my child has not even hit kindergarten and is now being bullied by two kids on his block.


So I found out that two five-year-olds are moonin¨ my child and hitting him and pushing him off of his bicycle.¨ I found out from someone else my child did not tell me because he did not want the other kids to get in trouble.


Teach your child to not go where the bullying happens.  My child is very young and I will have to teach him to stay away from the children and stay away from where they are bullying him.


Find out the information about the bullying.   Last night I was asking details of what the other kids do to my child.  Sometimes knowing the surround information helps as well.  I know one of the parents made it outright that he did not want his kid to play at our house on day one when we moved in.  In our situation we are a minority.  We also have a language barrier.  As my husband and I are not prejudice it is hard to see those who are and treat others not with respect.


Teach your child not to bully others.  It is tough to know what is the best thing to say.  One thing I for sure want  for my child´s sake is for him not to bully others.  So there is a fine balance for him to stand up for himself and not be mean to others.


Teach them to get away and laugh it off or not give reaction.  Another really tough thing to do is to just not give the reaction that the bully is desiring.


Parents will have to be involve but behind the scenes.  You do not want to fight everything and not let your child learn coping skills.  But you also do not want your child to be injured in a very bad way.


This makes the job as a mother very hard.   Each situation is unique and it will take a few modifications. Let your child know that they can always talk to you about it.  I wanted to leave a few articles that you can click on to find out more about stopping bullying.

This site has great illustrations and lots of information to help you with different types of bullying

Stop bullying


Bullying affects Kids Health

I hope this resource helps your child in the unfortunate situations that can happen even at a young age.


Look for signs like your child does not want to play outside.  My child was wanting to watch television all day and not play outside with the kids on the street.  One of the bullies had actually even hit my husband with a plastic pvc pipe when my husband was coming into our gate.    So there are some dangerous situations that you need to be aware of and you need to seek out information to make a good decision of what to do in your personal situation.


On our street there is another child that is also bullied.  Right now my child will stick together with his friend.  I am happy at least he has one friend if all the rest of the kids are bullying him on the block.

Remember a lot of things can make children bully.  They can bully because they see violence at home, they can bully because of prejudice, and sometimes their parents even promote this behavior.  Other times the parents have no idea their child is being a bully so you have to dig around to find out what you should do.


It breaks my heart to be writing this when a four-year-old is already being affected.  That is a pretty young age for him to learn about bullies.  The one thing I really do not want him to lose is his sweet nature and loving heart.


Do you have advice for others who have been in this situation?  How have you or would you take care of the situation? I would love to hear input from other parents who have gone through this.  I know there are readers out there who NEED this information.


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