Granted we all know that mason jars are used for canning.  Yes, in this household we use a lot of them for this purpose.  But in between times, we often have a few not being used for food purposes.  I wanted to share with you some ideas to use mason jars.  Many of these ideas are a lot cheaper than buying another container, that is actually suppose to be for the job at hand.  For instance, a tooth brush holder.  A jar may cost a whole sixty cents compared to up to twenty dollars for a elegant tooth brush holder.
Check this out, I’m sure I have mentioned a few you had no clue about!

1. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (Life with Lorelai)

(Click on Life with Lorelai to see a tutorial)

This is my all time favorite! What can I say they are cute! I love things looking a little rustic. They bring function and rustic together! I would call that BONUS!

2. Tooth Brush Holder 


Why buy expensice tooth brush holders. We use two mason jars! They work great for whatever size of tooth brush. I was getting frustrated with having spin brushes and not being about to put them in normal tooth brush holders.

3. Cotton Ball Holder

Cotton balls always seem to run loose in a drawer. They will forever come out of their original container. I love using a mason jar. You can see what is in them and there is a lid!

4. Bath Salts

I love making bath salts and scrubs and packaging them in mason jars! They are cute! You can decorate them in so many ways and the clear jar makes them very attractive!

5. DIY Eczema Salve

Any homemade salve works great in a glass jar. They will stay fresh and you can see the ingredients. I know when things are made homemade, sometimes you have a mold issue when you are trying out some recipes. When I am at my testing stage, I love having the opportunity to see the product from all different angles.

6.Laundry Goo

DSCN2385 Click on this link for the recipe Laundry Goo

We just made this on our site. I love being able to put laundry detergent in a container that I can see and know when it is about to run out. You can get 128 loads out of only 2 quart jars. The best thing is you can re-use them as often as you want.

7. Hair Accessories Holder

Hair accessories are forever being lost. Okay, so my kids love taking them. I love putting them in a jar. Usually in my house, I place them higher so I don’t have helpers.

8. Set On Your CounterDSCN2391

I love seeing the foods and other ingredients that are on my counter and ready to be used.

9. Take In Your Lunch (smaller ones)

My husband has pretty much stopped using plastic to store his food. We use the smallest mason jars you can buy.

10. Spices


I love being able to buy bulk spices.

The problem that I use to have is where was I going to store them so they would stay fresh. I started putting an Oxy-Sorb 60-300cc Oxygen Absorbers for Long Term Food Storage, Bags of 20 at the top of them and shutting the lid. This keeps extra air out and keeps them fresher.

11. Glassware  

So we kept having drinking glasses  break.  We do a lot of canning around here.  So there are often times we have a few extra mason jars around the kitchen. We started using them just as drinking glasses!

12. Put Powders In Them.

I buy a lot of things in powder form.  For instance, I buy tomato powder, cheese powder, butter powder, buttermilk powder and sour cream powder. I love storing them in mason jars.  They fit in my cabinet!

13. Utensil Holder

On more than one occasion, I have used a mason jar as a utensil holder.  I can easily put one buy my oven and leave a spoon in there instead of having a spoon holder.

14. Dinner In A Jar

I love making these for Christmas gifts along with our own every day uses.

15. Gifts In A Jar  

Putting a brownie mix or cookie mix in a jar with a little decoration goes a long way to a spectacular frugal gift!

16. Wrapping  

You an put delicate things in a jar and put tissue paper around it.  You may want to add ribbon, but you can use this instead of wrapping paper.

17. Pencil Holder

I have mason jars in a lot of rooms in my house.  We always have to keep pens and pencils away from toddlers and babies, so this is something we use mason jars for very often.

18. Paintbrush Holder  

When my kids are working on an art project, I love having a mason jar handy for the paint brushes and the water.

19. Misc. Office Holder

Paper clips and other office holder I use mason jars to organize my office space.  I love having my paper clips and tacks neatly organized and having them ready to go.

20. Candle Holder

I love a little water in a jar with a floating candle!  Simple and eloquent!

21. Flower Vase  

Why pay money for a vase when you have a mason jar!  They make the flowers very pretty.  They just seem to shout chic.

22. Wedding Decoration  

You can decorate a jar in so many ways that will bring out your personality!  I have painted so many jars in my day!

23.Bug Planetarium  

When you have little boys, you know you will need a bug hotel at some time!  These work great to have your boys and girls if they so desire make a little bug hotel in a jar.

24. Science Projects for Homeschoolers  

There are so many homeschooling projects that need jars.  These can be used for science experiments and other things for many different grades.

25. Screws, Nuts and Bolts Holder

Maybe, my husband garage will be organized soon!  Oh, I will have to tackle this project for him so it gets done!  But you get the idea.  You can see the nuts and bolts.  It makes it look cleaner and a lot easier to maintain.

26. Screwdriver and Wrenches Holder  

This is another area, I am going to have to locate all the tools.  Having a mason jar full of screwdrivers in the house will be a time saver for me!

27. Baby Food Jars

Make homemade baby food and can them. Yes this is canning, but it is not the normal food that goes in them 🙂


If you think of anymore, go ahead and list them in the comments.  I love how frugal ideas get us ahead in life!

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