Did another week just go by?

We started homeschooling last week.  I decided that I was going to practice homeschooling for a week to help me decide.  Well, I didn’t have a decision so I continued to homeschool this week.  My kids are getting to like the fun activities and games we play.  Right now while I am crazy busy with getting two businesses running, working with insurance about a car accident that I was in over a month ago and so many other thins….. I just don’t have time to make lesson plans.  I have been loving www.allinonehomeschool.com.  I haven’t looked at every grade, but it sure has been easy to just follow along at the Preschool level.


I have also been working on building some beehives.  I know this has nothing to do with being a mother, but it sure has been fun!  My kids are enjoying hammering and learning some basic carpentry skills.  I’m thinking I should post some pictures up here for my readers.


I also know that I NEED to tell you about how amazing our cabinets turned out when my husband painted them.  Yes, we have been very busy around here!

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