There are many ways to make marinara sauces and spaghetti sauces.

Marinara Sauce

I never knew that you could just have a powder and make your own arrangements of tomato pastes and sauces.  I use to be a person who was always buying spaghetti sauces.  I of course would buy them on sale.  Well I have to tell you a really easy way to make any tomato pasta sauce that you want.

It takes about five minutes to make your sauce.  Half of the time is finding the ingredients!

I start with tomato powder.  You may ask, where do you buy tomato powder.  I have never seen it in the grocery store.  You are right, most grocery stores do not sell this.  I still have never seen tomato powder in a grocery store.  Even though, I have made my own pasta sauces for over two years.

Click on the picture below to check out to see where I order my Tomato Powder.

You can start with either hot or cold water.  Then you add tomato powder.  There are directions on the the can. I like to experiment and get the texture that I am going for.  Then I add either brown sugar or honey.  The powder is a little more bitter than one would expect.  There are also a lot of additives that are added to spaghetti sauces that make it sweeter.  I prefer to use a more natural sweetener.

Also this sauce will be a darker and more brown in color than a store bought spaghetti sauce.  When foods go in the dehydrating process it does change their color.

You can also add either Italian Seasoning and Garlic or you can add the spices you want.   The great thing about this recipe is you can add what you want and what your family likes.  I will give you the ingredients I put in my recipe, when I show you the “how-to”.

I love how reasonable tomato powder is.  This can last my family over a year.  It makes any Italian dish that our family eats.  This is a whole lot cheaper than even buying spaghetti cans on sale at the grocery store.


1 1/2 cup of luke warm water

1 cup Tomato Powder 68 Oz.

1 Tablespoon of Honey

(Use 2 Tablespoons if you need tomato sauce to taste less acidic

1 Tablespoon Garlic Salt

1 Tablespoon Italian Seasoning


Put your water in the bowl.  Add tomato powder, honey, garlic salt, Italian seasoning.  Stir until completely mixed.  Either use right away or put in the refrigerator.

Here are the pictorial directions.

DSCN2398 Here are the ingredients.
DSCN2400 Pouring the water into the bowl.
DSCN2402 This is what Tomato Powder look like in the can.
DSCN2403 Pouring the tomato powder into a measuring cup.
DSCN2404 A few more pictures of the process.
DSCN2407 The final product.


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